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Samir februari 13, 2023 0 Comments 6.0: A Major Update that Boosts Visibility and Productivity powers the risk-based vulnerability management programs (RBVM) of all types of organizations, anchoring the world’s most demanding cybersecurity environments. With the introduction of 6.0, customers can now take advantage of significant new capabilities and enhancements, like a global CVE search to help them focus their RBVM efforts on what’s most important.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes have come to love’s robust vulnerability management features for on-premises environments. As a staple and foundation of security programs worldwide, is trusted by businesses across all industries as they defend their environments against new and evolving threats.

Today, we hit another major milestone with 6.0, a major new release that gives customers more industry-leading capabilities for conducting continuous and precise on-premises risk-based vulnerability management (RBVM), including a unique and robust CVE search engine.

In this blog, we take a closer look at what’s new in 6.0, explain how these features support a variety of use cases and outline key benefits users will enjoy when they upgrade to this new version.

You asked for it and we delivered it: Global CVE search 6.0 delivers the feature that’s been most requested by our customers: a global CVE search engine. Prominently placed at the top of 6.0’s interface, you’ll find a new search bar that lets you quickly find vulnerabilities, along with all the comprehensive information that Tenable has about them. You no longer have to go outside of to do research on our plugins site or on the web. 6.0’s search results include key CVE information, including descriptions, a list of available Tenable plugins, suggested solutions, the drivers behind Tenable’s Vulnerability Prioritization Rating (VPR) and risk information, all within the console.

Additionally, we put the CVE information within the context of your own environment by providing a list of your impacted hosts, along with scoring metrics and Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) information. 6.0 puts CVE information in the context of your environment
Let’s look at how powerful this global CVE search feature can be in a real world scenario. The next time a major vulnerability becomes headline news, as was the case with Log4j’s Log4Shell, you’ll be able to find out instantly and exactly where it is in your environment, so you can immediately begin to respond to the threat and to mitigate it.

We’ve also provided a new health dashboard that administrators to obtain direct insight and understanding of their infrastructure (per console).

New Tenable,sc 6.0 health dashboard

For example, at a quick glance, you can see summary information on your license usage and even license expiration. Additionally, you can get a snapshot of your cumulative repository usage to better manage your resource planning. You can easily access this just like any other dashboards from the drop down menu. also sports a revamped user interface that offers a more streamlined and clear navigation. When you enter the console for the first time, you’ll notice right away that the menus are left-aligned making the user experience consistent and familiar regardless what Tenable product you’re using. Other UI-modernization changes to note are consistent and updated typography across to provide an augmented user experience.

Lastly, we’ve provided a slew of improvements to automate your day-to-day operations to eliminate overhead.

To keep you up to date on the latest patches available for your instance, you can easily view a list of available releases under “Plugin/Feeds Configuration”. No need to check in on the Tenable downloads site; all the information you need is right within your console. 6.0 lets you see a list of available releases

Need to automate this even more? Now you can schedule updates as they become available to install.

We’ve also added a new, universal repository type to combine IPv4, IPv6 and agent data. This eliminates the need to create separate segments for each and consolidates these sources all within a single view.

A new 6.0 universal repository combines IPv4 IPv6 and agent data

Wrapping up

This list only represents a portion of what is featured in 6.0. To get all the details on what’s new and improved, view our release notes.

And don’t delay upgrading to 6.0. Get a jump on the new year and start fresh with everything that has to offer. For more information visit the downloads site and check out our YouTube playlist for a more hands-on approach to 6.0.

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